Real estate sales/brokerage

For customers who want to buy real estate, we will guide you through consultation, introduction of properties, financial planning, various mortgage proposals, contracts and delivery, various lifelines and insurance.
As a real estate professional, we will guide you through all the merits and demerits of the real estate, so you can do business with confidence.

For customers who want to sell real estate, we will assess the real estate from huge transaction data and propose the best sales plan. Due to various circumstances, it is possible to consult with a tax accountant, judicial scrivener, or lawyer. If you are in a hurry, we can cash purchase.

Custom building contract

We will help you create your ideal home. Please tell us about your various life plans, lifestyles, family structure and hobbies. It is possible to create a plan according to the customer's budget, and we can handle from low-cost homes with floor space of 100 square meters (about 30 tsubo) to 10 million yen to high-end homes. Enjoy [Choose] up to 1 wallpaper and 1 faucet.

Profitable real estate construction

Planning and construction of profit from condominiums, apartments, and business properties are done through a meticulous data collection to ensure that they are the best assets for the location.
We are also good at medical malls (medical buildings), and we are doing business in collaboration with specialized partner companies.

Profitable real estate sales/brokerage

For profitable real estate sales (including sales through brokerage), we are developing a wide range of sales channels from domestic investors to overseas investors.
Due to overseas circumstances, it is possible to pay in virtual currency (bitcoin) because there are restrictions on taking money out of the country and it is subject to a large tax. Of course, sellers can receive it in exchange for Japanese Yen.