Company Profile

Trade name Aslead Development Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Hidetomo Tanaka
Address 5-8-26♯9C Higashinaniwacho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Japan
Contact Tel +81-6-6489-5130
Fax +81-6-6489-5139
Services Real estate sales/brokerage
Real estate purchase/resale
Custom building contract
Planning and sales of new detached houses for sale
Profitable real estate construction/sales/brokerage
Real estate consulting
Association Public Interest Incorporated Association
Kyoto Prefectural Housing Lot Building Business Association

Public Interest Incorporated Association
National Housing Lot Building Business Guarantee Association Kyoto Headquarters

Public Interest Incorporated Association
Kinki District Real Estate Fair Trade Council

Public Interest Incorporated Association
Shimogyo Tax Payment Association

Kyoto Prefectural Homebuilding Political Federation
License number Governor of Kyoto (1) No. 13912


To Investors

Background of the status quo

In the context of the depreciation of the yen due to Japanese policies and the stability of the Japanese economy and housing prices, the tendency of foreign investors to buy real estate in Japan has become increasingly prominent. Especially, the price of a studio apartment(One room) in Japan is very moderate at about 10 million, so it has become an attractive financial asset for investors who want to diversify their assets abroad in consideration of future generations.
At the same time, the price of a rental apartment or tenant building is mostly around 50 million yen to 300 million yen, and the areas with the majority of college students and apartments near commercial streets are also particularly popular.
These days, the real estate in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore continues to rise, and the income is only 1~3%. But income of Japanese real estate is 5-8%, so it is also an attractive financial asset in terms of income.

Current issues

Foreign investors in Japan encounter the following issues when purchasing real estate in Japan.
① (Restrictions) There is a foreign currency export restriction above a certain amount.
② (Speed) Real estate transactions are often settled on Weekends. However, if the payment method is bank transfer, it is impossible to immediately confirm whether the remittance has arrived due to the weekend, so there is a certain risk when selling real estate worth several millions to several tens of millions of yen.
③(High cost) The bank's international remittance fee is quite high.

As a solution

Aslead Development Co., Ltd. has made it possible to pay with virtual currency (bitcoin) to solve the above problems.

① We will offer investors the bitcoin price equivalent to the property price.
② The investor will transfer the bitcoin equivalent to the real estate price to the designated bitcoin wallet.
③ The imported bitcoin will be converted into Japanese yen in real time by the bitcoin exchange.
④ We can receive the sales in Japanese Yen by bank transfer At the shortest on the next business day.
⑤ After confirming the deposit, we will go to the Legal Affairs Bureau and will proceed to change the owner.

※ The bitcoin price disclosed to investors will be fixed at the exchange rate within 10 minutes. Therefore, there will be no risk of Bitcoin price changes.
※ As a transaction fee for Bitcoin exchange, 1% of the property price will be charged.
※ Bitcoin exchange uses coin check site "".


If you are considering profitable real estate in Japan, we will introduce the property individually.
Please send your desired conditions by e-mail from the "contact page".
We can introduce apartments, tenant buildings or hotels in Japan.
In addition, we can also build new profitable buildings for you on the land you already own or buy.
In that case, a meticulous data collection and planning are important, so please feel free to contact us.
We are sincerely looking forward to you visiting our company.